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Trouble at Home?

Who contemplates the prospect of divorce at the beginning of married life?

Virtually no one.

That is why divorce, should it come, creates such havoc and vulnerability in the lives of the parties involved, and in the lives of their children.

The last thing anyone needs in such circumstances is a fee-hungry, posturing lawyer pouring gasoline on a fire that is already raging and exacerbating emotional scars that will last a lifetime.

We at McNamara & Associates believe that the family is the building block of society, and that even in the context of a divorce, a strategy that involves annihilation of the adverse party serves the long-term interest of no one.

After all, in most instances, the so-called "adversary" is the mother or father of children created and loved by both parties.

So before you consider divorce, or a divorce lawyer, come talk to us.

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