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To Sue or Not to Sue?

Sometimes it is necessary to involve a third party to settle an argument between two.

For centuries the preferred vehicle for dispute resolution in Anglo-Saxon countries, and those influenced by them, has been the court system, whether by means of a judge, a jury, or some combination of the two.

But as societies have become more advanced, technological, and complex, the cost of going to court has become increasingly prohibitive for those who are not rich.

Sometimes there is no way to avoid trial - for instance when the dispute involves an intractable adversary, the life and death of a company, or the possibility of jail time - but there are frequently alternatives to expensive, time-consuming, and often unsatisfying litigation.

While we at McNamara & Associates respect and admire the "see-you-in-court, victory-or death" approach, we are also conversant with alternate forms of dispute resolution that in many cases can provide results far superior and less expensive than those yielded by full-blown litigation culminating in trial.

Come talk to us.

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