Trouble at Home?

Who contemplates the prospect of divorce at the beginning of married life? Virtually no one. That is why divorce, should it come, creates such havoc and vulnerability in the lives of the parties involved, and in the lives of their children. The last thing anyone needs in such circumstances is a fee-hungry, posturing lawyer pouring gasoline on a fire that is already raging and exacerbating emotional scars that will last a lifetime. We at McNamara & Associates believe that the

Identify That Quote

Culture resides upstream from law, and is superior to it. Thus in order to understand the latter, it is necessary to understand the former. Few things illuminate a culture more succinctly than the insights of the great men and women who shape that culture, as captured in quotations. In an effort to resist our becoming the United States of Amnesia, I will post here from time to time a series of famous (and not so famous) quotations that I challenge you to identify, (without t