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McNamara & Associates

Experience. Practical Advice. Competitive Pricing. Results.

For nearly half a century, Frank L. McNamara, Jr. and his associates have been providing exceptional personalized legal services to exacting corporate and individual clients, large and small, who demand superior results at a reasonable price. 

Through a combination of low overhead and high technology, we are able to provide the expertise, reach, and sophistication of a large city firm at hourly or fixed-fee billing rates well below what those firms charge.   

If you require legal services in the areas of criminal and civil litigation, personal injury, corporate, real estate, family law, tax, or estate planning, consider sitting with the professionals at McNamara & Associates for a free consultation.


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Frank L. McNamara, Jr.

Founding Partner

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Frank McNamara has been practicing law in Massachusetts since 1976. He is a graduate of Harvard College (A.B., cum laude, 1969) and The University of Virginia School of Law (J.D. 1976). He is a Vietnam Veteran (U. S. Navy, 1969-1973). 

Following law school he worked as an associate of the Boston firm of Choate, Hall & Stewart. In 1986 he left private practice to accept an appointment from President Ronald W. Reagan to serve as The United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts.

He returned to private practice in 1989 and founded the firm of McNamara & Associates, specializing in civil and criminal trial practice. 

In his forty-three (43) year career, Mr. McNamara has tried to verdict, final judgment, or decision hundreds of cases, civil and criminal, both in federal court and at every level of the Massachusetts trial court system. He has also briefed and argued dozens of appeals before state and federal appellate courts and administrative tribunals. 

In addition to his extensive trial experience in the areas of commercial litigation, personal injury, workers comp, and employment law, Mr. McNamara brings a wealth of expertise in other fields as well, including real estate, corporate, employment, estate planning, and domestic relations law.  

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"Why is it that so many lawyers today never seem to have time to do the job right, but always seem to have time to do the job over?"

In an age characterized by haste, superficiality, and greed, McNamara & Associates offers something different. We are committed to taking the time to understand the client, to discerning the true nature of the client's problem, to fashioning the most efficient and effective solution, and to doing things right the first time.

In addition to our core specialties of civil and criminal trial practice, we offer a deep expertise in the areas of personal injury, business and employment law, tax, real estate, family law, and estate planning.

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Civil and Criminal Litigation, Personal Injury

Business and Real Estate

Family Law and Estate Planning

"I heard about McNamara & Associates from a friend who had been burned by a large firm. They took nearly all her money and not only failed to solve her problem but made it worse. In desperation she turned to McNamara & Associates. Problem solved at a fraction of the cost."
"Too many lawyers fail to fight hard and go the extra mile for their clients. Why? Because they are too concerned about what others think. They are afraid that being scrappy and aggressively championing a client's interest will forfeit the esteem of judges, prosecutors, and other lawyers with whom they must deal in future cases. They essentially give up hope in order to be free from fear. Not Frank."

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McNamara & Associates

*All information displayed on the McNamara & Associates website is informational and does not constitute legal advice. If you currently seek legal assistance, I invite you to contact me by email or by telephone to arrange a free consultation. You are advised to avoid sharing any confidential information until an actual attorney-client relationship has been established.

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Bolton, Massachusetts 01740


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